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minimal environmental impact

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Elderly people's

right to culture

Frossa i färg - en vernissage

24 mars

Creative Art



Showroom at Wendes aRt Castle, Kristianstad

Pictures of me and my work

We support Maskrosbarns work

Maskrosbarn is a children's rights organization that supports young people who have parents who feel physically ill or have an addiction. Maskrosbarn actively working to give children opportunities to break their social heritage and to shape their own future. Read more  here  about Chris Robertson and her support for Maskrosbarn.

Of the below showed pillows from the Art Collection, we donate 50% of sales to private individuals and 10% to retailers. Buy Coney Island, Mi Lady or Life is short- pillow case and make a difference for vulnerable children.

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Mi Lady cushioncover

Mi Lady cushioncover

Life is short cushioncover

Life is short cushioncover

All  fabrics are produced with environmental responsibility

Made in Sweden

Business Concept


Brownbetty of Sweden is an art agency
- We design and sell sustainable art


Brownbetty of Swedenis an art agency since its inception in 2011 has allowed the arts to take place in various interior items.
- We design and sell sustainable art.



Environmental responsibility

We take our environmental and think more than once of how our production affects the environment, which partners we have, the responsibility they are taking.
This is also the key reason why we as far as possible manufacture our products in Sweden.



Partners & Social Responsibility

We work with companies and organizations in order to create a more sustainable future and spread joy through art and culture in Sweden.


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Customer satisfaction guarantee: The job is not finished until you are satisfied!

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